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Hot Water Storage

A hot water cylinder is used for storing hot water for domestic use. Cylinders are normally heavily insulated and can retain heat for a number of days. Hot water is heated in the cylinder using a coil heated by another source, such as a gas boiler, or using an electric immersion heater within the cylinder itself.

Hot water cylinders for domestic use are of two main types:

  • Vented cylinder
  • Unvented cylinder

Vented Hot Water Storage system (Cylinders)

Vented cylinders are usually connected using a vent pipe to a cold water tank in the loft. They are open to the pressure of the atmosphere and are generally used in gravity fed heating systems.

Typically hot water from a vented system will be supplied at about 0.2 bar. This is about 10% of the mains water pressure supplied by an unvented system. Whilst a vented cylinder in isolation tends to be cheaper than its unvented equivalent, as it does not need to be built to withstand such high pressures, a separate cold water tank and hot water overflow tank are also required.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented cylinders are pressurised to main water pressure so provide a strong flow of hot water. They tend to be more expensive than unvented systems as they need to withstand higher pressure. They are generally used in high pressure central heating systems.

Within unvented cylinders there is normally an expansion vessel which allows any pressure to be relieved. Also they will have a tundish which releases the pressure if the hot water pressure becomes excessive.

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Bathrooms & Wetrooms

Supply & Fit of quality materials.

Whether you need to replace a basin, tap or require sanitary ware for a whole new Bathroom or Wetroom in your property we can help and advise you.

We use only the highest quality fittings and materials and offer the best in workmanship and service.

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General Plumbing Work

With our wealth of experience we can we supply, fit and repair any of the following components:

Cisterns, syphon's, float valves, storage tanks, ball-cock valves, hot water cylinders, (Unvented & Open Vented), pumps, diverter and zone valves, thermostats, programmers, radiators, radiator valves, hot and cold water supplies, mains water supply, stopcocks, waste pipe and systems, soil pipes, drainage systems and drains and more……Please contact us for more information.

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Full Property Pipe-Out

Please contact us for a no obligation quotation to Pipe-Out your property. We use only the highest quality fittings and materials and offer the best in workmanship and service.

From fixing a leaking tap to installation of a new bathroom system or pipework throughout the house – we will provide you with a no obligation quote or advice.

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